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Top 15 Classic Boat Shoes you should check out

Boat shoes may have originated in America in the 1930's but they have become an essential part of every man's shoe closet.They are not called boat shoes for formality, they were initially  designed with some special qualities for people on decks or boats.They are expected to be rugged and have lots of friction on their soles so sailors can be comfortable on deck but recent boat shoes have diverged  a little with great emphasis on a more presentable and fashionable look rather than ruggedness alone.I have compiled a list of my top 15 favourite boat shoes.To make this list, i have had to consider factors which include ruggedness, innovation, durability, price among others factors.You might have expected top brands with expensive boat shoes to dominate this list,but i always have a lot of respect for upcoming brands who made good quality boat shoes at affordable prices.There are so many great brands competing to dominate the boat shoes market and they are doing a good job and the competition is bringing down prices.
Special mention must be made about top brands like Sebago and Timberland who are dominant in this category and they have spiced up their boat collection with innovation while still maintaining the ruggedness of the shoes.Sebago have models like Docksides,Spinnaker,Schooner,Triton,Vershire, Litesides,Endeavor among others and they are really great.Timberland great models include Tidelands,Lugboat,Authentics,Classics and many more.

15.  Lacoste L.ANDSAILING - Boat shoes - dark blue £89.99
Boat shoes might not be one of their greatest strength but with L.ANDSAILING, Lacoste makes its mark in this category by adding elements from trainers to that of boat shoes.This creativity sets this shoe apart from the rest shoes in this list which comprises of shoes with traditional boot look and feel.The upper material is made from imitation leather/textile.Internal material is textile but the cover sole and sole are made up of plastic and synthetics respectively
Lacoste L.ANDSAILING  £89.99

14. Hardrige YANN - Boat shoes - navy £84.99
Hardrige is making a name for himself  in the boat shoes category with a series of classic boat shoes.Yann is a great shoe made of leather in the upper and internal parts.The sole cover is also made of leather while the sole is made from synthetics.At £84.99, you are guaranteed quality.
Hardrige YANN  £84.99

13. Dockers by Gerli Casual lace-ups - brown £64.99 
One glance at this shoe and you will want to own it. It's a masterpiece for real boat lovers, it emits class and the best part is, its very affordable.It boosts pure leather in the upper,internal and cover sole  parts.With a synthetic sole that promises lots of friction on smooth surface, it's a great buy.

Dockers by Gerli  £64.99 

12. Sebago VERSHIRE - Boat shoes - brown for £134.99
Sebago boat shoes are adored for their strength and leather quality and if these qualities thrill you,then this is the shoe for you.The down side might be the price tag but if you appreciate quality,you won't think twice before buying it.
Sebago VERSHIRE  £134.99

11. Pier One Casual lace-ups - bordo £32.99
It's great when we can reinvent our old classics in ways that does not completely overhaul the best qualities we should be preserving.Pier one does exactly that with this shoe.Great leather with front and side lacing stretched nicely on a while synthetic sole. The simplicity,beauty and very affordable price tag is the reason this shoe is here.

Pier One £32.99

10. Polo Ralph Lauren BIENNE - Casual lace-ups - newport navy £99.99
Polo always likes to make a big entrance in any category they find themselves because they do have a name to protect.The clever use of suede upper material instead of leather that characterizes  traditional boat shoes adds that unique and elegance look and feel to this shoe,At £88,it is great buy.
Polo Ralph Lauren BIENNE  £99.99

9. Eastland YARMOUTH - Slip-ons - oxblood £84.99
Anything worth doing is worth doing well,Eastland Yarmouth did exactly that with this oxblood boat shoe.The other colours i checked out did not exactly raise eyebrows as this oxblood colour and this quality reflects also in the price tag as this shoe is far more expensive than the blue,black and other colours.The excellent use of the brown colour of lace and thread sets this apart.Excellently made!!!

Eastland YARMOUTH  £84.99

8.  Frank Wright Woven Boat Shoes In Navy £70.00
Frank Wright is right about this. With a wooven leather and an unconventional sole for a boat shoe, it is one of the most sought after boat shoes. This unique shoe might be let down with the use of blue lace and blue sole, however it is a great buy at £70.
Frank Wright  £70.00
7. Lumberjack NAVIGATOR - £74.99
One look at the Lumbajack  Navigator boat shoe and you will understand how the classic boat shoes can be preserved while being modernized. Apart from the modern white sole, it reflects the ruggedity of the original boat shoes and at about £75, it is an excellent choice.Upper leather,internal material and cover sole are made from leather on top a synthetic sole.
Lumberjack NAVIGATOR - £74.99

6. Sebago SPINNAKER black/brown £109.99
Sebago has alot of great models in boat shoe category but modern innovation of boat reflects in Spinnaker which is a great shoe to have.Very quality leather on a white synthetic sole 
Sebago SPINNAKER £109.99

5. BOSS Orange NYDECK - Boat shoes £159.99
Boss is always for the big boys, therefore you will always notice a usual elegance and uniqueness in their shoes. Just like Polo above, they are flirting with a suede look and feel to set them apart from the crowd.With a flat white sole and a suede upper material,you will be in love with this shoe.

BOSS Orange NYDECK  £159.99

4. Hackett London NEWBOARD DOCKSIDER - £139.99
This is an awesome,well crafted carefully made shoe.Everything is perfectly fitted.The leather and sole are of very top quality. Hackett London wanted to make a statement and they did in style.

Hackett London NEWBOARD DOCKSIDER - £139.99

3.Timberland Classic Lug Boat Shoes £135.00
Timberland Stands for originality and strength so this classic lug boat shoe is the definition of that.A friend once told me if you want an everlasting shoe, then go for Timberland classics.At the price of £135, you get 100% pure leather for the upper,internal and cover sole of this shoe.If you can avoid water from the leather, you are sure going to enjoy this shoe for a very long time.
Timberland Classic Lug Boat £135

2.Timberland TIDELANDS - Boat shoes - redwood £104.99
Timberland is a giant in the boots category but it is gradually extending that mark to the boat shoe category with various innovation in this category.Tidelands boosts a classic boat design in the upper parts but the sole is legendary.With a flat, sectioned  and thick sole that goes well on smooth surface,Timberland shows its innovation is in accordance to the original purpose of boat shoes. At about £105, it is must have shoe. 

Timberland TIDELANDS redwood £104.99

1. New Look wooven dark brown £41.99
Am sure you are surprised by my No 1 partly because of the brand and the price tag.I did warn you, am taken by other factors besides brand name or high price. New Look did magic with this wooven leather boat shoe. There are lots of wooven boat shoes out there but this one is special and the best thing about it is its affordability.With just £42 you can be the owner of this beautiful footwear.
New Look wooven dark brown £41.9

NOTE: the prices of the shoes on this list are gotten from Zalando and Asos. Some of them are also available at discounted price, so hurry up,

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