Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Age long Debate: Is it compulsory to Wear Ties?

Ever wonder the role ties play in our dressing. It's easy to see the importance of shirts, trousers, belts,shoes, perfumes but what about a tie?If you are uncomfortable in a tie just like I am and you've be wondering the key importance of ties anyway, then i am so happy to tell you that despite the high significance we have attached to ties, they are simply for decorative reasons.It is mainly for formality, as it is perceived to be key in completing certain traditional suit look.Over the years, some people have taken the decorative purposes so seriously that ties have been abused.Come rain, come sun,  some guys can't wear any form of suit without wearing a necktie.Personally, some scenarios has made me ditch ties for my comfort because i can't explain why i need it when the weather is damn hot, am all sweaty due to high temperature,all tucked in and as if that's not bad enough, i have to don a tie.No wonder, it's the first thing i get off my body when we i am trying to be comfortable.

There are a lot of debate about the wearing of ties and while some school of thought think it is very important to wear tie as a sign of seriousness and focus, others see it as a complete waste of time to be addicted to something so baseless and unimportant in the name of fashion. The role of ties have been made significant by professionals in certain fields like banking, law, education, business and some government officials and appointees who always want to appear very formal. In these professions, wearing tie is a sign of focus, smartness and seriousness but fashion enthusiasts and realists argues that wearing of a long piece of cloth on our neck does not guaranty the possession of skills or knowledge but dressing smart with and without ties does make one look presentable and appealing. Also, there seems to be some hypocrisy in the ways these trends progress because Junior workers in these professions are more likely to showoff ties as a sign of seriousness while the top or higher ranked personnel always go about their job tie-less.The main argument against ties here is that wearing a tie doesn't really mean you are better at your job than the next guy who is not wearing one.

Looking at this very important posts from the Guardian which is about 5 years old about the need for ties,the writer did try to point out that adding a tie to a suit does make us look better.
From a fashion point of view, i agree that wearing ties to certain occasion does make you look good but it is the culture of wearing ties every time you wear a suit that scares me. Occasions like your wedding ceremony, being part of the groom's train, an important job interview or a stylish dinner may warrant you wearing tie/bow-ties but everyday outfit to the office, every church activities, casual dinner dates with friends are instances where i feel we are over stating the insignificance of ties. For those who still think that adding a piece of tie to a suit makes us look better might better stick to
 wearing traditional suit because adding a tie to the modern and casual ways of wearing some stylish suit makes it weird.

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