Tuesday, 4 July 2017

9 Common Mistakes you Make Daily with your Sunglasses

As the name implies Sunglasses are tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare. As much as the main purpose of  sunglasses is to protect our eyes from the scorching sun, they have also become part and parcel of our fashion statements. A poor choice of shades will affect your look, as well as your retinas.There are certain daytime events that you shouldn't attend without your sunglasses.Imagine going to the beach with your friends for a fun time, apart from the coolness of wearing your sunglasses, you will be doing a lot of eye squinting to avoid the rays of sun on your eyes. So below is a compilation of  common mistakes you  didn't know about sunglasses.

1. Sunglasses are fashionable.Don't just throw it on for the sun, your Sunglasses must 'Match Your Style'. It would be wise to get more than one pair of Sunglasses to fit between the Monday to Friday office hours and weekends off-duty.Variety is the spice of life, this also applies to Sunglasses.

2. Are you one of those Fashionistas who wear Sunglasses indoors.That is a NO NO. Sadly a lot of people still do this for reason best known to them. Every interior is shaded away from the sun therefore limit your sunglasses for exterior purposes only. Unless you have a medical condition.

3.Always wear Protection; In the summer months, Locking eyes with the sun itself can seriously compromise your eyesight if you’re not wearing the right kind of shades. Research has shown that many eye conditions are triggered by excessive exposure to sun rays. so it’s important to invest in quality Sunglasses.Apart from looking cool, you also get to do this for your eyes protection from the scorching heat of the Sun.

4. Never assume a particular style will suit your face; Different faces, shapes and sizes requires different frames, so try out a couple and see what fits best. Research has shown that  a round face tends to suit a square frame and a squarer face tends to suit rounder frames.

5. Have you bought the right Dimension for your Face. Most sunglasses are marked with measurements to give you a greater idea of how they’ll sit. Frame sizes are important as each person’s head has slightly different dimensions, so consider your face width and then factor in the main features.

6. Never use your sunglasses as Helmet.This was initially thought as stylish especially when it was done in areas where the shades were not needed from the sun but it soon went viral and some of the younger ones think this is the coolest way to don Sunglasses. Also, wearing them around the top of your head all the time  make them start to warp. Remember, their job is to protect your eyes.

7. Do you own a pair of 'Midlife Crisis Sunglasses'? This is when you wake up to the idea of buying Sunglasses just for the sake of it.In this instance, you didn't consider the fitting, shape or even where to wear it to.  Throw them out immediately, never buy a sunglasses for the sake of having one it automatically becomes your midlife crisis sunglasses. 

8. Are you an over protective parent who puts sunglasses in a Vault. Please note that exposing Sunglasses to extreme heat or cold can cause the lens to delaminate. That means the layers in your lenses separate from one another. Yes, this can happen to any polarized plastic lens. Extreme heat can also cause your plastic frames to warp. it safe to store your sunglasses in a room temperature environment.

9. After a long day, tired from work and hustle for the day, Do Not Toss your Sunglasses in your Bag.Make sure to put them in a protective case before tossing them in your bag. You might consider this unnecessary, but the interior of a bag, often filled with keys and other loose objects, is the number one cause of damage. 

Sunglasses are all about the way they make your face look, so find a pair that suits your face shape and your wardrobe,” says British designer Oliver Spencer. 

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