Sunday, 25 June 2017

5 Tips to consider before getting a Suit

Suits have been around for a very long time.Earlier, they were primarily for formal occasions but in recent times, some styles of suits are worn for casual purposes. In this post,we are concerned with formal tailor made suit for important occasions. A good physical appearance or an expensive price tag does not define a good suit. There are a couple of key ingredients that constitutes a good suite so next time you want to get another suit, please consider the following tips below:

1. Fabric
Some designers and tailors travel round the world in search of Mills that manufacture high quality fabrics for bespoke suits. The number 1 important element of a suit must be the 'Fabric' it is made from. Some good suite textile materials include Tweed,Gabardine,Corduroy,Chiffon,Serge,Taffeta ect. These are made from selected fabrics which include, Cotton, Wool, Worsted wool, Silk, Cashmere, Linen, Polyester and Velvet. Some suit are made from the combination of these fabrics in different areas.

2. Colour
Remember don't just pick any suit because it is catchy in the eyes or because it fits another person perfectly. Picking the right suits for you depends on  number of factors.The first on the list is picking suit that matches or complements your skin colour. While certain suit will look cool on others, it may not look cool on you partly because of your complexion. Try to experiment with different colours to find the right match for your complexion. Also, the season of the year can also affect how cool your suit will appear because different colours work better in Autumn Spring Summer or Winter periods. Make sure you pick a color that suits you perfectly and also don't be scared in trying out new things. 

3. The Making
The process of making suit is very complex and while certain manufacturers have a well controlled  and structured manufacturing process to avoid or minimize errors, some manufacturers follows  processes that are unplanned and chaotic and will end up with lots of errors.Some  manufacturing process involves taking body measurements, creating a rough paper design of the suit components e.t.c before the actual making. It is therefore in your best interest to look out for manufacturers or tailors who take their time to craft your suit according to your specification.

4. Finer details
Don't leave the finer details of your suit to chance, choose the right design and style of the collar, lapels and the inner shirt because these affect the overall look of your suit.If you are buying an already made suit, then scan for the right details that will fit you.If you are making a suit from scratch, then give your designer your choice of collar,lapels and shirts.  A good suit is complemented by great details. 

5. Fitting
When it comes to buying or making a suit, it's all  comes down to fitting. No matter how classic or expensive a suit is, it is useless if it lacks fitting. Tailors with experience are known by how detailed and refined they are when it comes to body measurements. You might be lucky enough to find an already made suit that fits you perfectly but if the occasion is really important, you should make sure you consult a good tailor who would take proper measurements that will fit your body type.

These are some tips to consider before getting a suit.If you have additional tips, please drops comments below

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